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Stories like these are why I do what I do. Why I hope all the people I work with understand the value of the images they order and take home with them. My dear friend Stephanie captured these moments for her bride who’s father just passed away from cancer, and my heart is aching thinking of the loss they’ve experienced yet so thankful they have these moments to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Thank you for sharing, Stephanie. And for holding this job as photographer so sacred, as it should be.

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In Loving Memory of
Fred Lee Lovsky
1950 – 2018

At some point in our lives we will realize the purpose for why we do what we do. This story, and these images, represent my purpose. I am a story teller, and I capture moments that live forever in photographs, because sometimes the world cuts us short of the things we love most. The wedding featured in these images was suddenly moved from 9/22/18 to 11/17/17 when the bride’s father was diagnosed with stage 4 bone marrow cancer. So this one is for him. This blog post is for him, and all of the family members he too suddenly had to leave behind. But he fought the good fight, and he will always be remembered. wedding guest gown

These are the images I created, because my duty as a photographer is to capture special moments that might have otherwise been missed. Because of these images, Madison will never forget the look on her dad’s face when he saw her in a wedding dress for the very first time. She will never forget walking down the aisle with him, dancing with him, or seeing his smiling face as she committed the rest of her life to Nick.

So with this I will leave you with some advice today, which is to capture the little moments, the big moments, and everything in between, because it all means something. It all matters.


You know the drill friends!!! Link to this emotion filled blog post is in the comments