wedding gowns with removable train

Thanks for the add :) I was actually hoping I could get some help
So here's my deal:
I'm planning my wedding for this summer (early August) and I have bought this skirt for my dress as I wanted a 2 piece outfit
I am having a HECK of a time finding the right top ?
I am really into a cold shoulder tank top or strapless off the shoulder look(short sleeve), and I keep gravitating towards lace. I've had a couple of kids so crop tops are off the list.
But I've even been looking at tops that I can just sew on sleeves the way I want, with no luck. I've seen a few lace up type tops and backless ones that were nice, but just nothing "perfect". So I was looking for some help or advice from some fashionistas as I don't really have any friends( wedding gowns with removable train # momlife ) much less ones who know anything about this...
Please and thank you (I've been scouring pintrest/wish/amazon/Google for months)
*(I know the photos of the dresses are long sleeve but like I said I can't find what I'm looking for)
***ALSO the colors I'm looking for are grey or white