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ANIKE: EPISODES 13 - 14 (A STORY BY: TOYIN TAIWO) EPISODE 13: ANIKE The next day, I resumed lectures. Admiral calls me everyday to ask after my family and my well being. On Thursday evening he asked if I could come spend the weekend and I agreed. Please who am I to say no. He sent #200,000 into my account. On Friday morning, I fixed my hair and do some shopping. He booked my flight and by Friday evening, I was already in Abuja. The driver was already waiting for me at the airport, he took me to the house. He joined me in one of the sitting rooms, I had to thank him all over again. We got talking, he’s very jovial I already noticed that on our phone conversations during the week. Dinner was served and we ate together, quietly. After the meal he said he’ll join me in my room later. My heart skipped a bit. “Tonight is the night” I said in my mind. Later in the evening. He joined me in the guest room and we got talking again, he ask some questions about school and my academics. I was wondering if coming to Abuja is just to chat with him. He told me, I could ask him any question if I have any. I asked about his family. He told me he’s divorced, he also told me what led to the divorce. He has two kids who lives and school in the UK. He told me they don’t come to Nigeria, he only visits them. He said they are with their mum and are doing fine. I asked why he didn’t remarry and he said he has trust issues because of what his wife did to him. He told me he has a function to attend on Saturday and he wants me to accompany him. “One more thing, my PA will take you to the hospital first thing in the morning…” “Hospital! I didn’t allow him land. “Sir! Why are we going to the hospital?” I asked curiously. “Just to run some tests, I want to be comfortable around you” he said. You'll also so be placed on contraceptive to prevent pregnancy” He explained. “That means we’ll be having sex without protection” I thought and I shiver. “Don’t worry I’m clean, you can sue me if you find out I’m not.” He smiled “And stop referring to me as sir, call me prince, that’s what those who are close to me calls me.” “Yes sir… I mean prince.” He bade me good night and left the room. I thought of everything he said before I slept and I know there’s no turning back. The next day, I followed his PA to the hospital, series of test was conducted, HIV, widal test, blood count, sugar level, blood group, genotype, ECG name it, I was even taken into a machine where I was scanned from head to toe. I went back to the doctor’s office after the tests. PA was there too. I entered and sat next to him. The Doctor gave me the contraceptive pills Prince told me about. He said, I can’t get it on counter, so I have to come to get it in the hospital once it’s finished, he said I could tell prince to send any of his staff to get it for me. He then handed a brown envelope to Mr PA before we leave. We got back home with the sealed results in PA's hand. He was in another sitting room watching CNN. He opened the brown envelope and read the report which I guess was satisfactory because he was smiling. ★★★★ He discharged his PA. Your result came out good. He handed a plastic bag that was beside him to me. I brought out the two packs, I couldn’t believe what I saw. IPhone 6 and Samsung S7 edge and apple laptop. I looked at him with a questioning eyes. “They are yours” he said. “Thank you sir, God bless you.” “Like I used to tell you, if you need anything whatsoever, do not hesitate to tell me.” “Ok sir.” “Don’t worry I’ll have some things deliver to you in school next week.” “Alright sir, thanks.” He told me to go and prepare for the function we are attending. I got to my room and met a Red Vera Wang couture evening dress, a black Prada peep toe heels and purse. I wonder how much it will cost. I changed and I was summoned to join him in the car. I came out and the motorcades were set to leave, black cars with tinted glass. I was lead to his car which is in the middle and I sat besides him. I felt like a queen or a first lady. We alighted when we got to the venue, I was really shy around him, I’m sure some people will take me for his daughter except for those who knew his children. It was an elites get together, I met with some, senators and governors I only see on TV. Some top celebrities were also there. I feel good to be around great people. One of his friends, told him he likes me, he said he won’t mind having me, when he is through with me. He told him I’m not a random girl and the man shut his mouth. I was happy, because I can’t imagine him passing me around among his friends like we see in movies. We got back home that night, I was filled and I told the chief who called me for dinner that I’m filled. I got to my room and showered. I changed into my night dress. I put on my data and start replying messages on Facebook and WhatsApp. I also called my mum who obviously thought I was in school. Some minutes later one of the staff told me my attention was needed in the Admiral’s bedroom. My heart skipped multiple beats. He led me to his room and left. The room was glorious, even a five star hotel rooms is no match. You can’t insomnia in this room. He beckoned on me to come sit on the king size bed with him. I was nervous and I didn’t do well to hide it. “Anike, relax. I don’t bite” He said and took my hand, I followed him and we both sat on the bed. “Anike I really like you. I know you are not a prostitute and I will never treat you like one. I’ll wait till you naturally warm up to me. I should have just let you go the first time you came. I can choose to help you and your family and just let you go, but you are exactly what I needed in my life right now. I want someone like you, not call girls. As for me I’m good with you, just try and like me a little, it might be difficult because of our age difference. I know I could pass for your father, that is sure but I need a companion and I found one in you.” I only nodded to everything he said, sincerely I don’t know what to say. “Can you sleep beside me tonight?” he asked. Please what I’m I suppose to say. I said yes and lay on the bed. He laid beside me. “Good night” I said closing my eyes in fear. “Good night or do you care to sleep in my arms.” I nodded like a little girl and he pulled me into his arms. I slept in his arms and woke up in the his arms on Sunday morning. I stood up quietly.. I tip toed and went back to my room to bath but my things were no longer there. I met one of the staff and he told me my things have been moved into Admiral’s room this morning. ... to be Continued. ************************************** ************************************** EPISODE 14: ANIKE I went back to his bedroom he was now awake. “Good morning, how was your night” he asked. “Fine I was told my things have been moved into your room.” “Yes, you are no longer my guest or you still consider yourself as one?” I just gave him a faint smile. He continued. “I already told you what I want from you, if I just want to sleep with you, I would have taken you to a hotel, you won’t be in my house not to talk of sleeping in my room, on my bed. “I get it sir, it’s about companionship and not just sex.” "Prince” he corrected. Ok Prince, I need to bathe, where are my things.” He led me to his closet And I almost fainted, when I saw his closet. Designer Shirts….suits….pants…..ties….shoes…..perfumes, wristwatches, name it. The closet could pass for a boutique. Then I walked down the closet and took a closer look and I saw female collections ranging from wears, shoes, bags, purse, female wristwatches, all designers and I noticed the clothes and shoes were all my size. Is this what I’m thinking?” “They are all yours, except you don’t like them” I heard his voice from behind. “Prince! Of Cause I love them, thank you.” “You don’t have to come with clothes whenever you are coming to Abuja, in fact you can just come in with just your phones and purse. You are also free to take any of them along with you when you’re going back to school.” “Prince you will spoil me rotten” I pointed out. “Allow me spoil you my princess.” I saw my box at the corner, I picked the things I needed including underwears and went into the bathroom, locked the door from inside. He saw me when I came out of the bathroom with a top and towel around my waist. “Anike…. He said teasingly. I walked passed him and went into the closet. I picked a Givenchy peach color peplum laced top on Amy green midi length fitted pencil skirt. By the time I was through dressing up, he was already in the bathroom. So I went to sit in one of the sitting rooms. We ate breakfast and I informed him I’m going to church. Since he didn’t sleep with me the previous night I was still free to go to church, or so I thought. “I’ll tell one of the drivers to take you” that was all he said. I was happy he didn’t frown at my idea of going to church. After breakfast, I went back to put finishing touches on my dressing. I wore a light make up, I picked a matching Dolce&Gabbanna high heel sandal and purse. I looked at myself in the mirror and I liked what I saw. I looked classy and I determined to carry myself as one. Because I know everything I wear from now on is standard. I was about to leave the room when he entered. I saw the look in his eyes, he gave some compliments before I left the room. I came back from church and asked after Prince from his PA he said he’s not back from Church. “So he goes to church too, I thought.” The master bedroom was locked but Mr PA opened it for me. He met me eating lunch when he came back, he changed and joined me. “You didn’t tell me you are going to church” I said. “You didn’t ask” he replied. “We could have gone to your church together.” “I worshiped at the chapel in Aso rock and you can only get in with a security clearance” he explained. “Oh! Now I get it.” “Don’t worry we can go together next time. I’ll arrange it.” “Really!” Seriously I wouldn’t mind. Worshipping in Aso rock chapel. After having lunch. He took me to another sitting room, I’ve not been there before. This was exquisite, I wondered the amount of money that was put into the interior decoration. The first two sitting rooms is nothing compared to this one. We got talking, the TV was on CNN. “I doubt if you watch any other station aside this CNN” I asked. I noticed I’m more free with him, ever since last night. “I thought you won’t complain” he smiled and handed the remote control to me. “Help yourself” he said. “I changed the station to E! Entertainment. “Ladies and entertainment gossips” he smirked. He made some phone calls while I was engrossed with my TV program. He called his kids too. “How old are they, your children” I asked when he ended the call. “My daughter is 22 and my son is 19. “This might sound awkward but your daughter and I are age mates.” “Yea, it sounds really awkward” He draw me closer to him and rest my head on his chest. ... to be Continued. ************************************** * I pray God's fear will rule their conscience and prevail over their lustful desire in Jesus name. * Hmmm Anike! All that glitters is not gold. * Watch out for Episodes 15... wedding dresses for beach wedding