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All lavender is fragrant and fantastic for medicinal, cosmetic, and culinary uses.
Now the fun part, decide how you will use your lavender harvest!
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- TEA: Make a calming tea made with dried lavender flower heads, chamomile, oat straw & other calming herbs

Oat straw:…

- TALCUM: Make lavender talc: mix together 8 parts each bentonite clay & arrowroot powder, 1 part each slippery elm & comfrey root powder. Shake well. Add 30-50 drops lavender essential oil, shake again and enjoy.

Arrow root:…
Slippery elm:…
Lavender Oil:…

- SACHET: Make a lavender sachet by adding organic lavender buds to a muslin bag – gift it as a wedding favor


- CANDLE: Make homemade lavender scented candles, by adding fresh or dried lavender buds and a few drops of lavender essential oil into the heated wax

Lavender Oil:…

- ROOM SCENT: Make a room spray with 2 cups water, 2 drops each lavender, tea tree & peppermint essential oils in a spritzer bottle. Use liberally.

Lavender Oil:…

- FOOT BATH: Put a few drops of lavender essential oil in a warm foot bath to help ease your child into a peaceful sleep

Lavender Oil:…

- SALAD DRESSING: For a lovely salad dressing, whisk together 6 Tbsp olive oil, 2 Tbsp balsamic or apple cider vinegar, 1 Tbsp lemon juice, 1 crushed garlic clove, 2 Tbsp honey, 1 tsp each mustard powder & organic dried lavender flowers

- INSECT REPELLENT: Crush fresh flowers and spread it on your legs & arms to help repel flies & mosquitoes while sitting outside in the summer
- DECORATION: Use pressed lavender blooms to decorate homemade cards & gift wrapping
- MASSAGE OIL: Massage lavender essential oil into aching joints and muscles for added pain relief
- HOME DECOR: Tie a handful of fresh lavender flowers together with decorative string or ribbon, and hang it on a door for a cozy & fragrant décor
- BAKING: You can bake with organically grown lavender by adding it into scone, cake or cookie recipes – do a search online to find a recipe that appeals to you
- GARNISH: Use organic lavender blooms as a garnish to add beautiful a purple hue to your cooking
- SOAP: Make lavender scented soap bars and give it for a wonderful homemade Christmas gift
- VINEGAR: For lavender infused vinegar, add a handful of organic lavender buds (dried or fresh) to 2 cups white wine or apple cider vinegar. Let sit for up to 6 weeks, shaking every few days. Strain before use.
- SCENTED LINENS: Place a lavender pillow in your linen closet & dresser drawers, to add a sweet scent to clothes and linens
- HEADACHES-EASE: Rub lavender essential oil on the temples to ease headaches
- BATH: Have a relaxing bath with your homemade lavender bath salt: Mix together 1 cup Epsom salt, ½ cup sea salt, 1/4 cup baking soda & 10-20 drops lavender essential oil. Mix well & store in a sealed jar. Use 1/3 cup per bath.
- SLEEP: Sprinkle lavender essential oil on your pillow at night for a peaceful night’s sleep (this is safe for the whole family, babies & toddlers included)
- BODY AND FACE SCRUB: Make this luscious Lavender Coconut Sugar Scrub for yourself, as a Christmas or bridesmaid gift: Mix together 1 cup white sugar, ½ cup melted coconut oil, 10-15 drops lavender essential oil, 2 Tbsp organic dried lavender buds. Store in a pretty glass jar.
-CAKE: Use organic lavender flower blooms to decorate a cake
-LIQUID SOAP: Add crushed dried lavender flowers to your homemade liquid soap recipe
-DREAM PILLOW: Make a Dream Pillow by stuffing dried flower heads into a sachet and place under the pillowcase at bedtime
- MASSAGE OIL: Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a carrier oil (light olive, sweet almond, jojoba) and massage over the lower abdomen to help relieve cramps
- POTPOURRI: Homemade lavender potpourri makes for a great gift for yourself or a loved one
- ICE CREAM: Stir crumbled organic fresh lavender blooms and a pinch of cinnamon into vanilla ice cream for a pleasant treat
Add 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil to your natural deodorant for a natural floral lavender scent
-BODY OIL: Add 10-15 drops lavender essential oil to 40oz of carrier oil (sweet almond, or jojoba) for your own relaxing & calming massage oil
-RELAXING BATH: To ease yourself into a tranquil night’s sleep, add 4-5 drops lavender essential oil to a hot bath at bedtime
- SYRUP: Add this Lavender Vanilla Syrup to champagne, vanilla ice cream, or over mixed summer berries: Simmer 1 cup water & ½ cup raw sugar over medium heat, stirring until sugar dissolves. Add 2 tsp pure vanilla extract & 2 Tbsp organic dried lavender blooms, and simmer 20 mins. Remove from heat, let cool, place in fridge overnight. Strain blooms and store syrup in fridge for up to 3 months. wedding dress with detachable skirt

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