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Hi Guys endometriosis is a serious disease it's affecting a lot of women and girls.
Periods are not meant to be so painful that you have to suffer. I know because i have suffered with this disease for 19 years. Please sign the petition for all those that we love and are suffering. You can get this disease at any age. A lot times you do not know that you are caring the disease because it grows in different stages until it's to late. I have stage four it can cause infertility, It can eats away your insides, vintage inspired gowns for mother of the bride
Women can lose kidneys, bladders and bowels from the disease spreading and they have even found it spread to the lungs and brain. DO NO LET IT BE TO LATE for your daughters, sister, mums and friends Please SIGN THE PETITION below, so we can help find a cure.
I beat if this was happening to MEN there would of been a cure by now!!
Politician Greg Hunt is telling us its not a real Disease.

Help Mariana Doulamis get more signatures - 70702 are still needed! Greg Hunt MP: Endometriosis is REAL!