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Just to let you know: Saturday, February 3, 2018: Up and at them early! Baby shower at Cape at 10:00 AM. Buzz over to Essex and pick up the Queen! Why is it when in no hurry one can get to Cape in 45 minutes. BUT when on a time schecule it takes 65 minutes......of course I missed the short cut road to facility so had to take long way around and then I go to wrong place and have to turn around and go back. BUT we were not late! Mature women think late is arriving right on the dot time. Young women find late being??? The wondrous brunch shower was in honor of William Mark McLeod soon to be birthed son of Meredith and Ross, Meredith the daughter of Vicky and Mark Busch, granddaughter of our YaYa friend Elsie Williams and husband Harold and Mary and Buddy Busch. How privileged young Will will be to have two sets of great grandparents to spoil him! As usual when the hostesses urged the guest to go through the brunch line I was not bashful. First in line! BUT that also has its drawbacks for in trying to act like a lady one cannot pile their plate too high!!! The changes in baby needs just since my eleven year old grand was a baby has changed quite a lot! Beautiful smocking is alive and well along with monograms! Upon arriving at the shower venue I told the Queen that we would just leave our phones and purses in car! Agree she said. Had a long list of stopping here and there for two catering events! FIRST stop Dollar Tree! The Queen could not find her purse! In searching she did find her home phone that she brought to the car along with her can of coke, cell phone, sweater and coat! But no purse! Then she realized that her purse was under her red coat and she had picked up her black coat snd having her hands full with two phones and coke she did not feel she was leaving anything! No problem I have debit card! Luckily the store has the quantities of the items I was in search of. Do any of you follow the PBS series of Call the Midwife. I love the show! So I found in the book section a hardback Official Companion to Seasons One and Two. Will be glad to loan if anyone wants to read! Then on to Aldi's! It was like an ant farm! Really like to shop Aldi's for savings but when at Cape or Bluff one cannot be in a hurry! Lunch time at 2:00. PM. We just have to get a meal in! Although not Wednesday with free pie O'Charley's was our choice for they have a great bread basket! Menu selection: low country shrimp for $9.99. Drink water! Cheap meal! Just finishing our meal we were approached by a lady asking if I would mind telling her where I got my sweater coat that I was wearing! No promblem! $19.99 at Ross Dress for Less! Only promblem being that they hardly ever have more than one or two of anything. She had not heard of the store. So in making her aware that there was one in the Bluff and we were from Dexter the small town USA visit began! By this time her husband had came into the visiting circle.....Mr. and Mrs. Billy Sisco. Mrs. had been born in Dexter but moved to Cape at age of 7 years. She was a Poe though no kin to Doc. She is now 74 years. She was babysit by Birdie Hearn. She was a playmate to Carolyn Deloy. She would love to have contact with Carolyn. Last contact Carolyn was in Memphis! Then they asked if we knew Ray Dowdy! They were buddies! Yes ! Yes! Ray and his wife Brenda were my high school classmates! Then the Mrs. Complimented me on my wedding band. Thanking her and explaining I was a widow but was not ready to take my ring off they inquire as to whom my husband was. Bud Shell!!! They had bought many a car from Bud Shell in their earlier years! After a lovely 30 minute session the Queen and I are on our way! Is it not a small world ??? Next stop Sam's! Long list! The Queen is going to nap! I leave keys in ingition! Lots of purchases! Lots of visiting! Back to car! Load car! Try to start car! Oh! No! Car will not start! By this time Queen is alert! She found promblem! I had left car in drive not park! The Lord truly watches over us! On the drive home I was beginning to think though the Queen and I had gone through a lot in our 51 year friendship the time was fast approaching that our kids might think we needed a keeper. Back in small town USA I call my son Todd about dinner. We never have time to visit! The next two weeks of catering and then another trip to see my grands. Had a nice time! Visited with some high school classmates of Todd's. Back home to "test" bake some cakes. Think I have my Kaula cake strong enough flavor now. As I prepared the Mexican Wedding cake recipe I became emotional for that cake was my friend and catering partner Darlene's signature cake! Hope I can do her proud! So today was a day of anticipating the arrival of a new baby boy, memories of a friend gone too soon, the meeting of strangers over a compliment, whom we now feel are new friends, a day spent with my "oldest and bestest" adult friend, a meal with one of my two "forever" little boys and a night adventure with my oven and mixer! For the day that it was it was a good day! prom dresses for sale