not long dress in the beach for wedding use

Floral Bridesmaid Robes 250 only

Yes its 250 each only, Very affordable compare to low quality China Made Floral and Plain Robes.

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Q: Do you have Robes for bride?
A: Yes all made to order can be customize base on your size, We can add train,make sleeves longer etc if desired. Feel Free to Submit your Design.
Starting price:
850 only floor length without train
1000 only with Train
*cost may vary depending on your submitted photo.

Q: What type of Fabric?
A: We use Cotton for Floral Fabrics
✔️ Malambot
✔️ Makapal
✖️ Madulas

Q: Do you have Other Prints?
A: Posted All On Hand Prints
Not accepting orders muna for other colors and prints.

Q: Do you have Plain Colors? with Embroidery?
A: Yes, On Hand Colors are:
Dark Violet
Royal blue
*Other Colors are by Order, We source the fabrics directly from different warehouse we will try our best look for ur desired color minimum order of 10 pcs. not long dress in the beach for wedding use
*We used Spandex Fabric for Plain Colors same fabrics used in Infinity Dress.
We do not use low quality ITY Fabrics.
*Embroidery cost depends on How many Letters.

Q: Do you have physical store?
A: We do not have. But we make sure that all fabrics are high quality.

Q: Do you accept Meet Ups?
A: Yes for delivery of order only depending on our schedule.

Q: How to order?
A: PM us or Viber us for faster transaction. We require minimum of 500 pesos to process your order. No payment, No shipping.

Q:Are we Legit?
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For Faster Transaction:
Viber Us: 0927 4954655 ( viber only)
SMS: 09178991074