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I think there are some valuable lessons in this short synopsis of our past. There is no doubt today that the only thing that can save Africa (and her children worldwide) is continental unification... A United States of Africa. The problem that will arise is that the leaders of their respective countries will never come together on one ideal on how to accomplish this goal. Some will insist on being independent from the rest, some will complain about borders and the distribution of resources. And ultimately some will resist in order to please their colonial master's. What is needed is a African nation to rise that will have the strength to do what needs to be done. Unity by any means necessary. African unity through peaceful and diplomatic means is a beautiful concept, but history has shown that it's not a logical assumption, especially when we have a traditional enemy who understands that would mean the destruction of him and his lineage. We have always had those among us who would collaborate with those who seek to exploit our land, resources, and people. There will come a time when we will have to be prepared to make sacrifices in the name of the greater good of all. Military action will be inevitable to reach the ultimate objective of unifying on such a large scale. There were many African kingdoms, but when these kingdoms finally expanded into EMPIRES (i.e.Songhay,Mali,Ghana)it was accomplished by military force and ultimately led to increased safety from foreign invasion, economic growth and development,and academic advances for the common man in those societies as a whole. Shaka Zulu' s diplomatic strategy of "get down or lay down" must be taken into serious consideration seeing as how he led one of the most successful resistance campaigns against European invasion, and that wouldn't have been possible if he first hadn't brought lesser nations into the fold. War will be the only way to eliminate the weak and self-serving from our leadership in order to strengthen us to do battle with our true enemy. long red formal dresses