long prom dresses 2019

Swine Auction Committee morning email:

Good Morning Rookies!

Yall are flat out killing it this year! We aren’t talking about small turn in’s either, You guys are going big! With that being said we still need more. I know, I know… Yall are all wondering when is enough, enough? Well… Not until that last kiddo walks across the stage at auction.

By now you have all heard or read emails from our Chairman, John Grimes preaching about “selling one more pig”. In all the years we have practiced this motto, it has never hit home quite like this year. John mentioned last night, something that gave me goose bumps and kept me up until the early hours of this morning. Hurricane Harvey didn’t just damage property, it changed the course of our friends, family and exhibitors lives forever. Families literally spent their life savings in the matter of just a few weeks or months. It hurts to think about it and hurts even more to watch it happen. Selling “one more pig” this year means one more family we can assist. A little less burden we can lift off a fellow Texans shoulders. Selling “one more pig” this year just really seems to means so much more for so many families around the state. I apologize for the novel but John’s message last night was so powerful I wanted to make sure those that missed it got to at least read about it on this email. long prom dresses 2019


Guys: Black jeans, white dress shirt, black jacket and Pink tie.

Ladies: Western chic- No jeans, nothing to short or revealing please.

We are almost to the finish line… Thank you guys again for all you do and we are all proud of your accomplishments this year! Now go sell “ONE MORE PIG”. Let me know if you have any questions.