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I pray for my freedom, Ever since I remember, I have being around someone guiding me, my mom, grandma, relatives, mom, dad, husband when I was young girls, I got married to please my parents, I divorce thinking I founded love, I was confused, now i'm finally thinking of real freedom, real joy. I can't wait for planing my own day, my nights, my best moments, and go as I please. Dancing and singing, having a cup of wine, and planing my jobs, and income without having someone to make that choice for me. I can't wait to decide what to wear, where to go, take the whole bed and my pillows, watch my favorite TV show, get a dog and walk at any time, go to the beach, my favorite place, have a margarita in the weekends, read my bible, praise God at loud, travel throughout the planet, enjoy life itself.
go fishing, play games, practice swimming again, sports, listening to romantic music, having friends to come over my house, planning parties. working and taking vacations, going to the snow, mountains, hiking, Oh God. Praying for my desires to come true, tomorrow is to late. I know I do not need a man to be happy, I just need work, money, time, music, flowers i can buy for myself, food, good weather, dancing under the rain, friends, a dog, radio station, my own vehicle, people to visit, dresses to wear, fashion shows, make up, high hills, purses, bells, coffee a good book to read, a precious swimming suit, a church close by on Sundays. praising God wherever I go. I need to read a news paper early in the morning, yoga, dancing lessons, smile a lot, relaxing time, go out on a good Friday night enjoying a fruit salad, cocktail, white wine, bread, piece of cake a wonderful candle lights, romantic music dance with someone I do know nothing about, and afterwords say good bye. and go home to my quiet atmosphere; to someone this is being selfish, to me this is my American dream. Peace and quiet, eat, read, dance, smile thousand times, and then another thousand more will not be enough to forget the hell that I have going through my life time. I forgot when was the last time I smile. I just know that crying make you old, cause your eyes to swell and your nose to drain. wrinkles are not cheap, a plastic surgery must be cheaper, and less painful. I hope one day I get a plastic surgery just to remember how I used to looks in younger times. I hope some olive oil from the Holy Spirit will bring me to love my life a little more. Some good wine, my give me a little time of free smile time! Who knows. Someone that never being on my side, my call me ridiculous, or stupid, or crazy, but I'm not asking for someone opinion, or sorrows, i'm just sharing my deepest desires with those whose life have being hectic, and full of pain like mine. cheap cocktail dresses
Have a wonderful weekend.
W/Love Rosa Adilia Pfaff.