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Nov 29, 2017 Update and general info on the trial in Las Vegas.

"Tier 3 Release


Following up on the Bundy tier 3 release.
As reported earlier, Ammon Bundy, Cliven Bundy and Ryan Payne were granted a pre trial release today by Judge Navarro.

In an interesting reversal from two weeks ago, She countered her previous decision where She denied the release of Cliven, Ammon and Ryan Payne. A lot has happened in the days since then to bring about this amazing development.

After calling a private hearing and forcing spectators to leave the court, Judge Navarro had finally had enough of the Prosecution suppressing evidence and lying. Sources say she lashed out at the prosecution vigorously after yet another attempt at deception.

Throughout the last two weeks of testimony and cross examination, it seems to be looking pretty bleak for the Prosecution. During Ryans cross examination of a key BLM witness, he asked him to explain the constitution he swore an oath to protect. The agent simply said he could not.

Ryan also earned an incredible amount of respect from everyone in the courtroom when during cross examination one of the prosecuting attorneys challenged him to share what he knew of the constitution. This went very badly for the prosecution as Ryan seized the opportunity to detail a two hour narrative outlining exactly what the constitution specifies and how it is being grossly ignored by BLM on a regular basis. Everyone I've talked to or heard from who was there said it was a pivotal lecture and the jury was mesmerized. bat mitzvah gowns

Once again, the prosecution was caught in deception when they tried to suppress the contents of a phone call made from BLM agents to Ryan Bundy just days before the impounding and slaughter of the Bundy cattle. The defense called for a complete copy of the recording and it was granted and played before the jury.

The prosecution wanted to simply focus on an excerpt from the conversation where they asked him what he would do if they proceeded to impound the cattle to which he replied "whatever it takes to protect our rights and livelihood."

Once the entire conversation was heard it played much differently to the Judge and the Jury as it Turns out it was forty five minutes of Ryan meekly explaining to the agents how they were violating the constitution, and how the Bundys were in their legal rights to defend their grazing and water rights. He once again did so with convincing knowledge of the law and the constitution and how at every junction BLM had violated law and the Bundy's rights.

What's happening is the defense is doing an excellent job of forcing suppressed evidence to be revealed and Ryan Bundy presenting himself without counsel is pretty much devouring the Government witnesses under cross examination.

In one recent instance yesterday, it was said the government produced a "professional witness" and one skilled at supporting the BLM case and using the old "I don't recall" under cross examination to avoid being caught in a lie. Ryan skillfully cornered him and forced him to admit to a lie.

Every day it seems the prosecution is losing more ground as the entire case is seen as slipping through their hands like sand from the Nevada desert as they grapple at anything to try and keep it together.

Most of the damage is being done by the prosecutions own evidence being revealed by the defense. Much of that evidence is important to the defense but was suppressed by the prosecution. Navarro, in a peculiar shift from the previous trial has allowed the defense to actually defend themselves to some degree in this trial where as in the previous trial she disallowed most of the defenses evidence.

The defense continues to demand evidence the prosecution is trying to hide and Navarro has lost her patience with them stone walling, saying it's irrelevant, etc.

Another key point was a 'Threat assessment" performed weeks before the conflict by the government where once the actual documents were forced to be revealed the Bundys were assessed as a very low threat in fact the lowest assessment calculable. This was in direct conflict with the narrative of the prosecution trying to paint them as high threat risk.

This isn't my opinion, rather the reporting of many people in attendance who all seem to concur that this is going very poorly for the prosecution. I heard many mentions of "mistrial" today although nothing in that regard has been decided so far as we know.

Although it's true that Cliven and Ammon have indeed been granted pre trial release along with Ryan Payne it is being reported by some that ALL tier 3 defendants have been granted pre trial release.

Cliven has been heard to say he is rejecting the offer of release saying many of those who came to support him are still incarcerated awaiting trial so he will remain until his full acquittal.
This won't play well for the prosecutions portrayal of him being self serving and will likely be known by the jury.

There are many unanswered questions remaining in this clear example of tyrannical behavior by the BLM and other agencies. But the most profound in my mind is why Judge Navarro is so graphically different in this trial as compared to the last.

In the previous trial you would have swore she was a member of the prosecution team. Yet in this trial, she is acting somewhat as a Judge. Some have implied that perhaps it was because they were so badly defeated in the last trial that she thought a softer approach might be a better strategy in this one but I'm not buying it.

It has also been mentioned that Sessions sent word that Judges had best be operating in proper capacity. Maybe he did indeed and the timing is appropriate to this trial. We may never know the answer to this but one thing is becoming repeatedly clear.

Suppressing the truth is kind of like bathing an alley cat.

The Prosecution seems to be coming to that realization very quickly."