JuneBridals purple and lavender wedding garments


When the time comes for me to marry God's willing I would go with a super small traditional marriage and registry. Don't think it is because I might not have money. Read my reasons well.

Listen, believe me when I say 50% of couples are divorced before they even walked down the aisle. Why? Because they over look all the red flags of each other and think walking down the aisle with a white dress will solve all their relationship problems. They are blinded with the idea of love and the idea of having a wedding.

A successful wedding day is not an achievement in any shape of form. But staying in a healthy loving marriage is the achievement. Let’s stop confusing the two. A wedding is an event held for a few hours accompanied by your friends and love ones. But a marriage is for life....

It’s not how big your day was or how expensive your day was, it’s not about breaking social media with pictures of your flamboyant day. It’s not about iDoGhana or hashtags. But it’s about how long you stay married and without problems.

Ladies and gentlemen, stop thinking that a wedding day will change someone’s character. If he/she religiously cheated on your whiles dating he/she will religiously cheat when married. If he/she hits your whiles dating, he/she will beat the crap out of you when married. Little nagging whiles dating would grow into Insolence and Pepperdem disrespect in marriage. JuneBridals purple and lavender wedding garments

By all means be prayerful when it comes to the choice of a spouse, but please don’t forget to apply common sense it’s very much required... You can’t save a person from their character, save yourself first. And stop thinking you can change someone because you can’t.

The day will surely come.