JuneBridals kids or children liked garments for the prom style

From reusing my Junior Prom dress and Karen Trenary Price making alterations to make it my dream wedding dress...

From having friends and family jump in last minute to help us make the pole shed a suitable place for a reception from the flooring, to electricity to putting up sides, tables and decorations.

To having my parents spend the morning of the wedding making a couple hundred Scotch-a-roo bars for a wedding cake because that's what I had growing up instead of birthday cake.

To Brandon calling a jewelry store the day of the wedding, measuring his ring finger with a yard stick and having the lady ask him when he needed it ready by....His reply, "Uh, 40 minutes? I'm in the car, heading to the church and getting married today". He picked it up at 1:08 pm (The wedding was at 2 pm) JuneBridals kids or children liked garments for the prom style

To having the caterers (Brandon's Partner that guides in Michigan with him) create their own menu with our farm raised lamb (Our steer ran away when we tried to catch him--he's back now) and having it turn out to be such a much better meal than I could have ever planned ...

To the streamers that were made for the kids, but us "big kids" used more than anyone :)

To all our amazing friends and family that came to celebrate with us from near and far. We can't thank you enough!

To seeing the look on Brandon's face as I walked into that church and started down the aisle...

I know it was a Rainy and Muddy Day (Sorry to everyone that got stuck or muddy at our farm!), but it could not have been more "us".

We love you all!