June Bridals short cocktail dress with long sleeves

3.5 years ago I was suffering with postpartum depression, my hair was falling out in clumps, I was severely exhausted, my IBS was flaring up and I had postpartum weight I just couldn't get off. We were about to go away for a destination wedding and I wanted so badly to look and feel great on the beach.

I am forever grateful that these little capsules came into my life. Within a week I noticed more energy than I ever had in my 20's. Over the next couple of months I was able to ween off of the postpartum medication, my hair stopped falling out, my IBS symptoms silenced, and my bridesmaid dress had to be taken in 2 inches! I felt amazing June Bridals short cocktail dress with long sleeves ??

On top of that, I had clarity, no more brain fog, and I wasn't falling asleep at my desk in the afternoon. Finally, I knew what it meant to get proper, whole food nutrition in my body, and what that does for your body.

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