June Bridals chic wedding collections in country and rustic style

So i have a confession!! I’ve been keeping this secret in for months and I’m so glad i can finally tell you all!! I’m a bit ashamed but if you know me well you know this may not be news to you but it always feels so good to get this off my chest. Some will relate, some will judge, some may actually die, and some may laugh. Whatever the outcome we will see if my friends list goes down after this confession. Yes it’s that severe!!! Well thinking about it now, maybe i shouldn’t tell y’all. Cause then again this is social media. Maybe there’s support groups for this kind of stuff. Ok maybe not that severe lol ok ok I’ll tell you i can hear you telling me to get on with it........................... well here i go......................... i hope your sitting down............................................. as most of you know i took a HARD hit with hurricane Harvey and lost about 90% of my personal belongings including ALL my clothing. I was so blessed to get so much help from my family, friends, and church. But as i knew fall was quickly approaching i knew i had to focus on winter clothing. I did not get to purchase much summer clothing which included shorts and maxi dresses. Which i LOVE wearing even if it’s cold I’ll bust out in shorts, tank top, and flip flops. Sadly i couldn’t do that this winter as i didn’t have much options. Today which kinda for me it’s still Wednesday 2/28/18 we decided to take a trip down to the dike n fish on this sunny beautiful day. I didn’t want to get hot and wear pants. I dug far in the back of my dresser and i found shorts i purchased on sale at kohls. You’d think I’d be happy to be back in my shorts, tank top, and flip flops. NOPE!!!! I dreaded it!!!!!!! BIG time!!!!! There was one thing i had to do before i decide to step out into public in shorts and a tank top and flip flops. As you might have guessed based off the pic i posted which by the way are just for entertainment purposes. I needed to shave my legs!!!! If your smart you would have pieced the puzzle together to figure out when the last time i shaved my legs. For those who didn’t catch on, that was back in August after hurricane Harvey which was 6 months ago. Seeeeeee why i said i was embarrassed to tell you???? I’m that girl that when she shaves she deserves a medal for 1 how long i went without shaving, 2 for the longest female leg hairs, 3 not breaking my razor, 4 for allowing her husband to touch her legs while that hairy (which either sadly or gross he didn’t mind running his fingers through my leg hairs and braiding them)!!!! I’m in the mood to wake everyone just to touch my legs to feel how soft they are. Now it’s time to shop for summer clothes now that i can step out in public with these smooth legs of mine lol Or since it’s officially my bday month when your reading this, you can take me shopping for summer clothes?!! If there is one thing i hope you take from reading my post is that you gained a good laugh and were a bit grossed out by it LOLOLOLOLOLOL everyone enjoy your day and own it!!!!! June Bridals chic wedding collections in country and rustic style